“Salma caught my attention as a celebrated graduate of The University of Sheffield’s Sociology degree making waves in journalism a short time after graduating. With a prodigious drive and focus, she confidently tackles issues of contemporary faith, identity, sex, sexuality and women’s issues, whilst clocking up a serious number of credentials and awards for her straight talking, entertaining and intellectually researched writing” – Karina Lax, Photographer and Lecturer based in Sheffield (2019)

“Salma Haidrani’s winning Features entry titled ‘Think Honour Killings Don’t Happen in the UK? Think Again’ was commended for “helping the reader through the material gently and challenging myths in an organic way” and for being “well researched and not sensationalised"’ – Judges at the End Violence Against Women Media Awards, which aims to recognise and celebrate exemplary reporting on violence against women in girls (2016)

 ‘Salma Haidrani, Freelance Journalist, received the Young Stationers’ Award for Journalism and Communications for her writing which takes a fresh and insightful perspective on themes such as women’s rights and the role of culture and religion in today’s society, particularly within minority communities’ – Judges at Young Stationers’ Awards Annual Dinner and Awards (2018)

‘Fearless and forthright freelance journalist’ – GG2 Leadership Awards (2017) 

‘Thought-provoking articles on gender and diversity. The multi-talented writer is changing the game for women of colour in journalism’ – Delhicious (2018)

‘It is clear to me that Salma has the following qualities: intelligence, initiative, ability as a writer and researcher, a clear sense of responsibility, ideas and, above all, a titanic work ethic. She is charming and personable. She is a woman of the highest integrity and a cast-iron determination to succeed’ – Dr. Simon Heffer, Historian, Author, Lecturer and Political Commentator (2018)

I’ve also been featured in:

Karina Lax – Shoot and interview as part of Karina Lax’s ongoing portrait and interview series ‘These Walls Must Fall’, focusing on activists and change makers who have been compelled to affect change and challenge stereotypes

Delhicious – Interviewed about my career, achievements, my multi-award-winning journalism and experiences of being a Miss England pageant finalist

University of Sheffield – Interviewed about my career and achievements since graduating, my multi-award-winning journalism and reflections on my studies

UnderPinned – Selected as Freelancer of the Week

Halu Halo – Interviewed about identity, belong and being mixed race in contemporary Britain

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